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Our Mission

Navigate Decisions with Confidence

The housing market can be a daunting place. When you find a house that you think you could call home, the questions start. “Is that crack a big deal? Is there anything important that I’m not seeing?” Buying a home is a big investment and needs to be a safe haven for all that you hold dear. We believe that we are uniquely suited to help our clients to get those questions answered, helping to further hone in on a confident direction. Our mission is to equip you with the necessary professional assessment concerning the condition and performance of your home to aid you in clear and confident decision making.

What We Offer

Home Inspections

A home inspection will put all accessible components of the home to the test to make sure that the home performs as intended under normal operating conditions. We listen, consult, and make our goal to find the answers to any questions or concerns that you may have.

WDI Termite Inspections

We partner with trusted 3rd party Pest Inspectors. You will have peace of mind knowing if any conducive conditions for wood destroying pests exist and what can be done about it.


If you are a home owner, seller, investor, or a buyer in a competitive no-option period situation, this is a great option. Although not a replacement for a full scale home inspection, We accompany you to your showing and provide experienced eyes, knowledge you can trust and an abbreviated verbal consultation. 

Four Point Inspections

Home insurance companies are beginning to require Four Point Inspections either before issuing or renewing policies. The main components inspected are the Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC systems as well as your roof.

Single Component Inspections

Perhaps you don’t require a full scale home inspection. Whether it is your electrical system, plumbing, Air Conditioning, Roof, or Foundation, we offer single component inspections for any system in your home where you may need an experienced eye and professional assessment.

Radon Inspections

We will coordinate the drop off & pick up of EPA Approved Radon test kits. Radon samples from the testing test kits will be picked up after the allotted 48hr window. You’ll usually get your lab results back within 3-5 working days after we receive your radon sample.


Exceptionally thorough and a very detailed level of knowledge to explain the significance of each item. Great communication throughout the process!

Tom & Jennie | Lewisville, TX

Your report was very thorough and clear. Thanks for working with us and providing great service. We know who we’re recommending for home inspections!

– Dillon & Bethlyn | Bedford, TX

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